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Mute swan at Abbotsbury

Abbotsbury Swannery is on the coast between West Bay, Bridport and Weymouth, it is home to over 600 Mute Swans of which this is one!


Swans, Canada Geese and Coots at Abbotsbury

Several more swans resting on the banks of the Fleet Lagoon in the company of some Coots and at least one Mallard while some Canada Geese are out on the water.


Swans at Abbotsbury

Swans at Abbotsbury

Swans at Abbotsbury More swans on land and on the water.  Across the lagoon is Chesil Beach and beyond that the sea.


Cygnets at Abbotsbury

These two cygnets were rather blocking this ramp from the water up to the land.


Swans and cygnets

There were several family groups in pens like this which presumably improves survival of the young.  Swans were once very important to society - quill pens were made from their feathers, no swans, no Shakespeare!


Swans, geese and coots at Abbotsbury Swannery

As more swans fly in others rest on the bank along with some ducks and geese.


Mute swans on the Fleet at Abbotsbury

There's swans galore here, two more views of some of them - along with a few interlopers!


Swans, ducks, geese, cootsSwans, mallards, Canada geese, coots

The various species seem to get on together - there's one coot in these two photos that seems rather attached to the swan he or she is beside.


Canada geese at Abbotsbury

This Canada Goose seemed to make hard work of getting from water to land.


Nesting coot

This coot looked to be sitting on a nest despite it being late August.



Black swan at Abbotsbury

Black swan at Abbotsbury

Black swan amongst the white at Abbotsbury

There is a pair of feral Black Swans in amongst the usual white Mute Swans.



Canada Geese passing a Coot

Canada Geese and Mute Swans

A line of Canada Geese making their way past a Coot then some Mute Swans.


Canada geese in flight

Canada Geese coming into land

Some more Canada Geese flying in.



Swans and Cormorants

Swans taking off

A group of Mute Swans taking off, in the left view there is a wooden stand in on which a number of Cormorants are resting.


Mute Swans in flight

A last view of some Mute Swans in flight.

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