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Mist shrouded hill at Arrochar

Low cloud swathes the top of hill at Arrochar, the low ground was clear and sunny that day but several of the nearby summits were hidden in the cloud.


Across Loch Long at Arrochar

Oystercatcher at Arrochar

Looking across Loch Long at Arrochar we spotted this Oystercatcher perched on part of an old jetty.





Next on the trip along the A83 down Loch Fyne is Inveraray.  This is the view looking south west from the car park.



Looking the other way, beyond the town - seat of the Campbell clan - Barr Mor is wreathed in the low cloud.


Hill and bridge north of Inveraray

A bell tower stands on the mountain overlooking the old bridge carrying the A83 into Inveraray.


Looking north up Loch Fyne from Inveraray

The view up Loch Fyne from the pier at Inveraray.


Arctic Penguin

Arctic Penguin floating museum at Inveraray

There is a maritime museum on the oddly named Arctic Penguin which is tied up in the harbour.


Archway over Inveraray to Oban road

The road from Oban to Inveraray ends in this archway which frames a view of the loch.


Main Street, Inveraray

The whole town is in black and white as this view of Main Street shows.  Lorna gave high marks to the strawberry milkshakes in the Paddle Steamer café while Loch Fyne Whiskies have an amazing range of malts - the most expensive is £10,000!!!  But their Loch Fyne blend is a very nice whisky for £15.99.

Inveraray Jail

Apart from the castle the main tourist feature in Inveraray is the old Jail and Courthouse.


Crinnan Canal basin, Ardrishaig

Next stop was Ardrishaig, at the end of the Crinan Canal which cuts off a long trip round the Mull of Kintyre for small boats.  This is the basin above the sea lock.


The Ben Nevis loading at Ardrishaig

Ben Nevis loading timber

There is commercial shipping in the harbour, in these views the Ben Nevis is loading locally produced timber.


Clear water

This shot shows just how clear the water is here, amazing to someone used to the Bristol Channel!


Lochgilphead from Ardrishaig

Lochgilphead, viewed from Ardrishaig.



Crinnan Canal sea lock

The sea lock at the end of the Crinan Canal.



Swingbridge and lock gates open

Yacht entering the lockWith the swing bridge and upper lock gates open a yacht starts to enter the sea lock.




The swing bridge closes

Hardly had the yacht passed through than the swing bridge, carrying the A83, started to close.


Yacht in the lock

The yacht in the lock ready to descend to the sea.



Lock empty and open to the loch

The lock empty and open to the loch the yacht sets out for Loch Fyne.



Seals on a rock

Opposite the harbour is this rock with several seals hauled out on it.  Nature is never far away up here.


Crinnan sea lock basin - with the Vital Spark

A digression across country to Crinan at the other end of the canal where we found this Clyde puffer named after Para Handy's Vital Spark of the stories by Neil Munro (some of which have been on TV) in the sea lock basin.

Crinnan canal sea basin

Another view over the basin looking out over the sea lock itself.



Crinnan sea lock

A yacht in the sea lock at the start of its cross country voyage that avoids the long passage round the Mull of Kintyre.


The sea lock basin at Crinan

The basin seen from the sea lock.


Crinan sea lock basin

Last from Crinan, looking across the basin to the first lock on the canal proper.


East Loch Tarbet

Tarbert fishing boatsBack to the A83, Tarbet is a nice little fishing port.  By chance there is a seal's head in the left hand shot but it's hard to spot.  Lorna also rates the milk shakes from a café near the fishing quay very highly.

Seals on a rock

Just a few miles further down the A83 we pulled off and found these seals hauled out on a rock near Dunskeig Bay.  We counted 27, including the one in the water looking for space to haul out on - the arguments earlier when another had done so were very noisy.  Just 100 feet from us, 200 feet or less from a main road!

That's the end of our trip, hopefully one day we'll get back there as there is so much to see and the scenery is so beautiful.


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