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Blue Anchor
Crowcombe Heathfield
Bishops Lydeard

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Waiting to cross

Blue Anchor is one of three crossing places on the single line, this page starts with a shot of the crew of a down train chatting while they are waiting for an up train to run in.


Blue Anchor signal box

The station is very close to the sea as can be seen in this view of the signal box.


Blue Anchor station and signal box

North Hill at Minehead can be seen here behind Blue Anchor signal box and station buildings.


7820 leaving Blue Anchor

7820 Dinmore Manor leaves Blue Anchor for Minehead, on the right you can just see one of the camping coaches located here.


7820 heads out across Ker Moor

Turning to follow her 7820 can be seen heading across Ker Moor with Conygar Tower visible on top of the hill above Dunster.


7820 crossing Ker Moor

7820 returning from Minehead with an up train seen across Blue Anchor beach with the edge of Exmoor in the background.


Blue Anchor Beach and Minehead

Looking slightly to one side from the previous photo the expanse of the beach at low tide can be seen, stretching past Dunster to Warren Point at Minehead.


Blue Anchor Beach

Looking the other way along the beach there is a road along the top of the sea wall, a café and plenty of places to park.  The beach is very popular with anglers when the tide is right.


Blue Anchor beach

A view of the expanse of Blue Anchor beach at low tide.



A view eastwards from Blue Anchor beach

A view eastwards along the coast from the western end of the beach.


7820 crosses Blue Anchor crossing

Another view of 7820 running into the station over the level crossing.  This is the last gated level crossing in the West of England, how times have changed!


80136 in Blue Anchor station

Standard tank 80136 was waiting to cross 7820 and is seen standing in the station having just got the road.



80136 on Blue Anchor level crossing

80136 then crossed the road with the Bristol Channel in the background.



Aberthaw from Blue Anchor

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked on the trains is whereabouts in Wales is it opposite us, this view answers that, it's the power station and cement works at Aberthaw, straight across from Blue Anchor.


Brean from Blue Anchor

Also visible from Blue Anchor is Brean Down, way off up the Bristol Channel near Weston-super-Mare.


Blue Anchor sunset

The sunset at Blue Anchor can be spectacular, click the thumbnail to see a page of photos of it one August evening.


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