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  For some reason I've not visited many places in Brittany, however I have visited Saint Malo and the area around the Gulf of Morbihan.  St. Malo has its own page, Morbihan is covered on this page,  Fougeres has been included with Mayenne.


The area of Brittany around Carnac and the Gulf of Morbihan was one of the first places in France we visited with our caravan.  Carnac itself has some very good beaches and is a nice little town, nearby there are prehistoric stone alignments.  The beaches are on the Gulf of Morbihan, an almost landlocked arm of the sea which has several islands, the largest of which, l'Óle aux Moines (Monk's Island) is big enough to be worth a visit, stopping off during one of the boat cruises round the Gulf.  The nearby towns of Auray and Vannes are also worthy of a visit.

Above left: the quay at Auray, right: A pleasure boat at Vannes.


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