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  Burnham on Sea and it's neighbouring "extensions" along the coast, Berrow and Brean, are referred to as Somerset by the Sea.  Like all this coast there is a large tidal range but the beaches have plenty of sand and stretch for some miles.

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Burnham beach

A view down on the sands of Burnham beach.



Burnham beach

From up on the promenade the jetty, used for launching boats; the pier and, in the distance, the lighthouse can be seen.


Birnham beach

A closer view of the pier, Burnham's in the shortest in the UK!


Burnham with the tide in

In early September 2006 the spring tides were predicted to be higher than normal, high atmospheric pressure kept them in check but on the morning of 9 September it did reach the sea wall.


High tide at Burnham

Another view of the same tide, the Pavilion really was a pier then!



High tide at Burnham pier High tide at Burnham

Another high tide on an August evening saw most of the beach covered.


Boats at Burnham

In early February 2006 there were far more boats than usual using the jetty and beach for launching and landing.


Boats on trailers

They weren't using the jetty itself but the beach alongside to get the boats on their trailers, as the tide fell this meant a tractor was needed as even 4x4s would be in danger of sinking in to the wet sand.


Boats on the beach

Most were ashore with the tractor making a last run in this photo.


Hovercraft on the beach

The large tidal range leaves mud and sinking sand exposed at low tide, because of this there is a rescue hovercraft at Burnham, seen here about to be off loaded from its trailer along with another, smaller, craft.

Hovercraft on Burnham beach

Soon after they were heading off towards the lighthouse on a training exercise.


MV Balmoral passing up river past Burnham on Sea

The MV Balmoral is seen here passing Burnham on Sea on her way up the River Parrett to Dunball near Bridgwater, there's a page of photos of her on MV Balmoral

Pilot cutter at anchor in the River Brue Burnham is at the mouth of the River Parrett, cargo ships still go up river almost to Bridgwater and require a pilot.  This is the pilot cutter at anchor in the River Brue, which joins the Parrett  just before the Parrett joins the sea.


Boats moored in the River Brue

Boats in the Brue, Burnham

Despite the limitations imposed by the tidal range on this coast there are plenty of boats moored to a pontoon in this part of the river.


Boats in the River Brue

A view across a bend in the river shows the pilot's boat again, just to the right of that and further away is another boat they use, in the background is the end of the sea wall/sea front.


Apex park

Apex park

A short way inland from the above is Apex Park, seen with plenty of birds looking for an easy meal!  There's more photos of the birds in Apex Park on Wildlife

Autumn colours at Apex

Autumn colours at Apex Park, Burnham on Sea

Autumn colours in Apex Park.



The lake at Apex Park

Part of the lake in Apex with some fishermen on the bank with autumn colours behind them.


Brean Down

At the northern end of this bit of coast is Brean Down, which is where the Mendip Hills reach the sea.  This rather poorly joined view shows the headland of Brean Down and the size of the beach here, which as you can see, is partly used as a car park.

View from Brean DownThis is the view from Brean Down looking along the beach towards Berrow and Burnham.  Much of the area behind the dunes is given over to caravan sites and mobile home parks, but there's plenty of room for them and their visitors.



Looking across to Wales

From Brean Down you can see across to Wales, and the islands of Steep Holm and Flat Holm...


Weston seen from Brean

...and look down on Weston super Mare.


Sunset over Brean

A last view of Brean Down, this time viewed at sunset from Uphill, on the Weston side of the Down.


  The other tourist attraction in the area is Cheddar Gorge, village and caves.

Cheddar Gorge Cheddar Gorge

Two views of Cheddar Gorge, the vehicles give an idea of the scale of the gorge.




Cheddar village Lion Rock, Cheddar

A view of the village of Cheddar (left) and one of Lion Rock in the village (right).


Burrington Combe

Burrington Combe

Goat in Burrington Combe

Another gorge on Mendip is Burrington Combe, these photos "zoom in" on a goat which is browsing the steep slopes of the combe.



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