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Entrance basin to Bridgwater Docks

There is an entrance basin which leads via a bascule bridge to the main dock.  This basin also served as a lock for larger ships entering the docks.

Bascule bridge, Bridgwater Docks

A closer view of the bascule bridge mirrored in the still water of a July Sunday morning.



Entrance lock at Bridgewater Docks

The smaller entrance lock, this isn't used at present as there is a risk of salt water getting into the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal which is used to transport Bridgwater's water supply.  There are plans to put a barrage of some sort across the River Parrett further down stream which could remove this problem and enable boats to pass through here again.



Lock gate

Lock gate

The lock gates for "big ships", not used since the docks closed to commercial shipping in the early '60s the right hand one shows how much this entrance has silted up.


Bridgwater docks - converted warehouse

A view of part of the main dock with its variety of canal craft.  The large building behind is a former warehouse that has been converted to a pub with flats over.


Lock to the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal

The lock leading to the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal with a pair of swans passing in front of it.



Lock between Bridgwater Docks and the Canal

From the other side you can see that this lock is left open at both ends, the level of the canal being the same as the level that the docks are maintained at.


Boat passing through the lock into the canal

Peggotytom passing through the lock to start her day's work doing cruises on the canal further up.

While leisure activities are the only use of the docks and canal now Bridgwater used to be a busy port, there is still some cargo handled down river at Dunball Wharf.



Boat going up the canal

Peggotytom heading off up the canal, on the right is Bowring's animal feed mill, the last commercial activity remaining around the docks.


View of Bridgwater Docks

Bowring's feed mill can be seen again in the background of this photo of the docks with a variety of craft moored up.


Manoeuvering in Bridgwater docks

Manoeuvering in Bridgwater docks

Manoeuvering in Bridgwater docks A bit of complicated manoeuvring in the docks was eventually completed with the aid of some muscle power on the end of a rope.


Boats in Bridgwater docks

Boats in Bridgwater docks

Two last views of some of the boats moored in the docks, at present the only place they can go is up the canal to Taunton but maybe they'll be able to venture on to the Parrett is a barrage is built.


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