Caen Canal and Pegasus Bridge


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Caen Canal and Pegasus Bridge

At Ouistreham the Caen Canal enters the sea via a lock, guarded over by a light house.  The river Orne  enters the sea over to the left of these views, the first one was taken from the car area of the Brittany Ferries terminal.

These photos show a general view followed by the tug Appelant guiding the Melea, a Maltese registered grain ship, into and then out of the lock.

Pegasus Bridge, a lifting bridge across the Caen Canal, is famous as being the first bit of France to be liberated on D Day.  The following photos show the bridge itself followed by the Melea being guided through the open bridge by tugs fore and aft.

To finish, a view from the deck of the ferry Duc de Normandie of the lock and lighthouse.  For the technically minded it was produced from two frames captured from a camcorder tape, I was zooming in at the time, hence the slight difference in size of the two halves.




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