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Land's End
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Lands End

The place that "marks" Land's End, the photographers signpost - out to sea it's 3172 miles to New York!  This is where all the Land's End to John O'Groats - 874 miles -  walks/rides etc, start or finish.


Lands End

Slightly north of the first view, looking towards a little cliff top building on Dr. Syntax's Head...


First and Last at Lands End

... which is the First and Last Refreshment House in England.  Some Cornish people would dispute this as they don't accept Cornwall as being part of England, but that's another story!


Lands End

Looking back from there towards the famous signpost and the complex of shops, cafés and attractions behinds it.


Towards Sennen

ShipwreckLooking north again from Dr. Syntax's Head towards the next headland, the right hand shot is zoomed in on a fairly recent shipwreck.

Out to Longship's

Looking out across the headland towards the Longship's rocks and their light house.


Land's End

Looking down from Carn Greeb to the rock called the Armed Knight.



Carn Greeb

There's a farm park at Land's End, on Carn Greeb, part of which is seen here with the Longship's in the background.


Longship's rocks and light

The Longship's viewed through the heat haze.


Land's End

The tourist complex seen from Carn Greeb.



The Armed Knight

Another view of the Armed Knight rock to end for now.



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