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Le Lion d'Angers


   The race course at Le Lion d'Angers  is beside the river, near to the camp site, when we arrived and took a stroll around to see the lie of the land we were lucky enough to be able to see a couple of races there.  The course caters for a variety of types of horse racing, trotting in harness or under saddle, as well as the Thoroughbred racing as in the UK.

  Part of the steeplechase course actually disappears into some woods, when we were watching a rider was obviously unseated and came out on foot, then a search party had to go into the woods to find his horse !  As France has no off course bookmakers, just the PMU (Tote) there is a good attendance at the races, and there are a lot of racecourses (hippodromes) across France.

  The bottom photo is of a pair of stallions from the stud (Haras) near the race course that we met on our way to the stud.  There is a wide variety of stallions standing at the stud, heavy horses, Arabs, trotters and thoroughbreds among them.


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