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 It took quite a while for Autumn the lop eared rabbit to be brave enough to come out of her hutch and eat on a lap, now she happily bounds in and out when her door is open and eats lettuce from your hand.


  Above Autumn's hutch is the guinea pigs' hutch where Splodge and Blitzen live.  I've shown them here having a spot of freedom, watched over jealously by Tilly who was looking for a lap to curl up on.

  In summer they have a double deck hutch in the garden so they can all go out without any danger of Autumn bullying the GPs.


  It is hard to get a photo of a goldfish in a pond, but Goldie can just be seen keeping an eye on a harvest mouse that had stowed away in the straw bundle that was meant to absorb algae.



  The final little pets we have are a pair of budgies, Billy and Bobby.

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