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Lyme Regis harbour

Lyme Regis harbour is protected by the the famous Cob, part of which can be seen behind the boats in this photo.


Lyme Regis  harbour and Cob

A wider view of the harbour and Cob.


The Cob

Looking along the Cob, the higher outer part of the wall keeps the worst of the weather off those walking along it while on good days you can walk along the top for a better view.


Cannons on harbour wall at Lyme Regis

The other side of the harbour the wall has three cannons to guard it - remember this was where Monmouth landed to start his unsuccessful rebellion, not that he was unwelcome in this part of England.

Lyme Regis harbour from the Cob

Looking from the Cob across the harbour.


Lyme Regis harbour

The reverse view taken as the sun was setting on a glorious December day.


Lyme Regis

The sun chose to highlight the town, seen from the end of the Cob.


Fossil cliffs at Lyme Regis

These cliffs to the east of the town are famed for the number of fossils they contain.



Lyme Regis

A view across the beach to the town with the hills behind.



Lyme Regis sea frontLyme RegisLyme Regis and cliffs beyond

Views along the sea front with the cliffs in the background.  These were taken in 2004, coastal protection work since has changed thins somewhat as the next photos show.


New prom and beach at Lyme Regis

The new works have raised the level of the beach, at the harbour end with sand, at the eastern end with shingle and provided a new promenade level with the raised beach.


Sign on barrier between sand and shingle parts of the beach

The sand and shingle parts of the beach are divided by this concrete groyne, the "No" of "No Access..." was obliterated during our visit, it does seem a bit absurd as the beach is only around a foot below the level of this structure.

Lamp post in Lyme Regis

A nice detail along the sea front at Lyme Regis are these lamp posts which suggest the shape of many of the fossilised creatures found in the cliffs beyond which form part of a World Heritage Site, the The Jurassic Coast



River Lim passing between buildings

The River Lim reaches the sea at the eastern end of Lyme Regis beach, this shot shows it passing between the buildings and under the road.




Eastern end of Lyme Regis

This structure at the eastern end of the beach looks a bit like part of some fortifications but is I believe a pumping station.


Unusual erosion of rocks at Lyme Regis

Off the small headland heading east I spotted these rather oddly eroded pieces of rock.



View along the cliffs from Lyme Regis to Charmouth

Looking east along the cliffs towards Charmouth, this beach is where fossils can be found.


Charmouth from Lyme Regis

Charmouth was under a layer of fog when we visited, the high ground beyond was completely hidden.


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