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In memory of a brilliant pony, Oscar died in July 2002 at a grand old age for a pony.  He is greatly missed by us all.

     The star of the page in action at a Driving Club Fun Day, he was at one time a riding school lead rein pony, which still shows in his dislike in being out without another horse or pony and in his having a very hard mouth from being hauled about by little kids.

  The next photo shows Oscar and Shanty being ridden by my daughters in our field, the job we originally got Oscar for.

  A friend is involved with Bridgwater Pantomime Society, as a result we were asked if they could use Oscar to pull Cinderella's coach on stage, so we had to very rapidly start on breaking him to harness.  He was perfect on stage, apart from trying to milk the audience !!  He's seen here ready to go on stage, this time at Taunton where he did another 16 performance run in the same role.

  Oscar's main interest is food, so in the field he always has his head down eating the grass and if you have anything in your hand, even a camera, he will check it out in case it's edible.

  Both girls drive Oscar, as when being ridden he is great with kids, though he will try to take advantage of them at times.  He was bought as a stop gap, but has been with us for about 12 years now.


  There's very little Oscar won't turn a hoof to, he's great in fancy dress classes !!  Here he's being an ambulance, other times he's been part of Summer Holiday and been a huntsman's horse (with a "pack" of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).

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