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Photos by Lorraine Williams.

                                       Photo by Dan Paun.

Photo by Dan Paun.

                                          Photo by Dan Paun.

     Photo by Dan Paun.

                   Photos by Dan Paun.

    Photo by Pat Zraidi.

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  I've been lucky enough to have made friends via the Internet in the Paris-île de France region so I've been able to visit in company with "locals" be they French or ex patriot British.

  How else to start but with the Eiffel Tower, illuminated for the Millennium celebrations, followed by the Arc de Triomphe also seen at night.  These great symbols of Paris seem to me to gain an extra almost mystical quality at night.



  Another view of the Arc de Triomphe, in daylight and from a different angle from the usual.  The swirl of traffic around it was long something never expected to tackle, but having been guided round by a resident I've now fathomed out how to cope with it !





  Next comes two views of Notre Dame, the first taken from across a branch of the Seine - Notre Dame is on an island in the Seine, the île de la Cité - the building on the left of this photo is the quai des Orfèvres, well known to readers of Maigret novels.  The second view shows the splendour of the West Front of the cathedral.










A view from the île de la Cité over the Seine towards the île St. Louis.




The Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) of Paris.  In addition each of the 20 arrondissements have their own Mairie (Town Hall).






  The Palais Royal.


  The first shows the fountains in front of it, the second the controversial modern sculptures in the courtyard.  As with the Louvre and its glass pyramid the French aren't afraid of modern additions to their historic buildings.




  Les Halles was the main wholesale food market but has now been redeveloped.





  Moving out into the departement of Essonne, a view of the church in the little village of Fontenay le Vicomte, included because one of my friends lives there with his French girlfriend.





All photos not otherwise credited are Copyright © S Huddy 2001


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