The Passes


On Windermere
The Passes


  The Wrynose and Hardknot Passes are not for the faint hearted, the views are great but the road just seems to go straight up mountainsides!

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Wrynose Pass

The view at the start of the climb through Wrynose.



Wrynose Pass

The road ahead.



Wrynose Pass

Looking back over the first easy section.



Wrynose Pass

Looking back from near the top - but Wrynose is the easy one!



Wrynose Pass

It might not look it but this is still the easy one!



Wrynose Pass

The views make the drive worth it!



Wrynose summit

The view ahead of you at the first summit.



View from the top

Looking out over the surrounding valleys.



Another view from the top

Another view from the summit.



On Hardknot Pass

I drove on after descending the other side of Wrynose wondering where the road went, suddenly I realised it didn't go round but zig-zagged up the mountain ahead, this is looking back from a pause on the way up to Hardknot Pass.


View from Hardknot Pass

The views from the road here are fabulous, this is the valley we had left.




After the drop down you come to Boot and then Dalegarth station on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, on the narrow gauge of 15".  There are more photos of the line around here on The Ratty as the line is known.



The station is in beautiful surroundings, this is the bridge outside the station.



Back up to Hardknot

A drivers eye view of the west side of Hardknot Pass snaking its way up.


Hardnose Pass

Once we were down the worst of the far side we stopped and looked at what we had just driven over!

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