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Le Lion d'Angers



     For me the fairy tale quality of the floodlit château viewed across the Loire is magical.  So I've started this page with two views of it.





  There is a footpath along the banks of the Loire which gives beautiful views of the château, and it's a convenient route to walk from the town to the camp site and the adjacent swimming pool.





  The town end of path is by the bridge over the Loire, it too is floodlit at night as can be seen in the first photo it it.  Though it is a main road across it traffic isn't that heavy due to the existence of a by pass.  There is a market on the sides of the street which leads to it on the île d'Offard.





Back to the château, this time in daylight.  I've only visited Saumur in August when the Loire is very low - the other branch of it, across the île d'Offard, is empty, but it is obvious that at other times the river is much higher.



  The bridge is seen again in this view over the town and river from the château.




  This fountain in the centre is the high spot for many children in the heat of summer.





  A final view of the château from Camping île d'Offard, a beautiful view to greet you in the morning.  Just visible on the right is my old Volvo that was only retired due to the lack of lead in petrol with 230,000 miles on the clock.

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