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Seaton is a small town on the East Devon part of the Jurassic Coast, with a population of just over 7,000.  It hasn't been subject to excessive development along the sea front which is quite un commercialised compared to many resorts.

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The harbour at Seaton

At the end of the sea front at Seaton is the mouth of the River Axe which forms a useful natural harbour which has been the scene of quite a bit of building work during 2006.

Seaton Harbour with an oil boom

Another similar view, in this one there is an oil boom along the side due to the grounding of a large container ship nearby - see below for some photos.


Harbour, bridge and reflections at Seaton

A close up of part of the harbour including the Joanna sitting on her reflection.  The bridge over the river, seen in several of these photos, marks the inland limit to the harbour.


Seaton harbour

A view along the shingle spit that separates the harbour from the sea.


Mouth of the River Axe at Seaton

The harbour mouth - also the mouth of the River Axe of course - with some breakers just outside.


Seaton harbour mouth

Another view of the harbour mouth as it cuts across the shingle beach.



River Axe flows into the sea

The River Axe enters the sea

Low tide sees shingle exposed almost like a small delta where the River Axe enters the sea.


Seaton beach

A look along the beach towards Beer.



Seaton harbour

Another view of the harbour with a large house in the background - it looks like they've craned their boat out of the water and over the wall to the bottom of their garden.


Seaton harbour

Moving around the harbour, a photo of the bridge and some of the moorings.



Seaton harbour

Another view of the harbour showing the pontoons at low tide.



Seaton harbour

Looking across the harbour and down the river towards the sea.


Mouth of the River Axe

Mouth of the River Axe

Photos of the mouth of the River Axe as it curves round the end of the shingle bank and across the beach to the sea.


Seaton harbour and the Axe

Turning round to look up river to the harbour and town.


Seaton harbour, beach and town

This photo includes the beach, the shingle bank, the River Axe, the harbour and the town.


River Axe and Seaton harbour

Another view up the river from near its mouth with the town in the background.



The Axe Valley from the bridge

The view from the bridge over the River Axe showing some of the mudflats that are a favourite feeding ground for wading birds.


Tram leaving Seaton

One of the narrow gauge trams passes their depot and heads off along the river bank.


Boats on the mudflats

A few boats aground at low tide on the inland side of the bridge.


Seaton beach

Looking along the beach towards the cliffs beyond the river gives no clue that harbour or river exist.



Seaton beach looking towards Beer

Looking the other way along the beach towards Beer and Beer Head.  This area is part of The Jurassic Coast World Heritage site. which extends from Exmouth in the west to Purbeck in the east spanning millions of years of geological history.

Fault line in the cliffs at Seaton

A closer view from the end of the promenade of the cliffs, there is a geological fault line here at the boundary between the chalk and sandstone.


Beach huts at Seaton

The British love their beach huts such as these along the prom at Seaton.



Seaton beach

Seaton beach looking east

Two photos looking east along Seaton beach - on an extraordinarily warm October day!



Seaton esplanade

A view looking west along the esplanade.



Clock tower in gardens at Seaton

Looking inland from the sea front, a view of some gardens with a clock tower.



Seaton town from the sea front

Another one looking inland to the main shopping street.



Seaton esplanade

A third view from where the above were taken showing how close sea and town are.


Seaton tramcar no. 12

 There is a narrow gauge tramway from Seaton which runs alongside the River Axe before turning inland to Colyton.  This is one of the trams waiting at the Seaton terminus, for more of my photos of the trams see Seaton Tramway


Trams 6 and 12 pass beside the estuary

The trams give a great view of the estuary with its flocks of birds, in this view two trams are passing across the river from Axmouth with the river at low tide in the foreground.  There are some photos of the birds here on Wildlife.

Thatched house in Axmouth

Turning from taking the above there is a lovely thatched house set against the backdrop of the wooded hill, the hedge is unusual in being two marked different shades of green.



Branscombe beach and the Napoli

Branscombe beach, between Seaton and Sidmouth, was the scene of the grounding of a container ship, the Napoli, which was starting to break up.  This photo was taken after she had deliberately been split.


Bow section of the Napoli

Stern section of the Napoli

The bow section left was being readied for towing to Belfast to be broken up.  The stern section right wasn't in a fit state to be towed away, apparently it will be loaded on a giant barge to remove it.


Branscombe beach

Looking the other way there is no sign of the Napoli, just a pleasant East Devon beach to stroll along on a sunny Sunday.  I should point out that all trace of the shipwreck has been removed and the area is now unspoilt and unpolluted.


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