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Swanage is a town in Dorset of about 10,100 population  situated at the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast.  Nowadays it is primarily a holiday resort but quarrying and the export of stone by sea used to be important.

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Purbeck stone pillars at Swanage

Purbeck stone featureTwo pillars of Purbeck stone form part of a feature with Swanage harbour in the background, they were from a demolished building in London and were brought to Swanage as ballast by ships coming to load new Purbeck stone.


Swanage pier

Looking across Swanage Bay from near Peveril Point towards Ballard Point.


Swanage sea front

The sea front seen from near the same vantage point, Swanage is compact with everything close to hand, I've loved the town since going to a nearby activity centre with my school.



Another view of the sea front from a lower vantage point.



Seen again from further out, the pier and the clockless clock tower (another thing brought from London as ballast) with the sea front behind.



The clock tower again on the left and the Mowlem Theatre on the right with the pier in between.  The clock tower originally stood by London Bridge, commemorating the Duke of Wellington, but was removed after only 10 years as it obstructed traffic.


Peveril Point

Looking down on Peveril Point with its coastguard lookout post.


Peveril Point

Peveril Point

The Needles from Peveril Point

Two views of Peveril Point with the Isle of Wight in the distance, together with one of The Needles.


Ballard Down

Looking across to Ballard Down and Ballard Point.


Durlston Point

Durlston Point seen from Peveril Point.


Swanage seafront

The harbour and beach with the hills in the background.


Swanage harbour and pier

Part of the harbour with the pier in the background.


Swanage pier

Another view of the pier and activity on the water.



View from Swanage pier

A view from the pier with, in the foreground, the remains of a "branch" off the existing pier.



Western Lady at Swanage

I was surprised to see the Western Lady here at Swanage pier, she used to operate across Torbay from Torquay to Brixham.


Bournemouth Belle approaching Swanage pier

Another pleasure boat, the Bournemouth Belle, approaching the pier with Ballard Down, Old Harry Rocks and, in the distance, Bournemouth in the background.


View from Swanage pier to Bournemouth

Ballard Point, Old Harry Rock and Bournemouth Zooming in on the distant Bournemouth past Ballard Point and Old Harry Rocks.


Peveril Point from Swanage Pier

Peveril Point from Swanage Pier

Two views from the pier to Peveril Point.



Unusual building in Swanage

This rather oddly decorated building is between the pier and the town - you have to look twice to be sure what you are seeing!


Tramtracks on the quayside

These narrow gauge tram tracks set in the quayside path are a relic of Swanage's past when large quantities of Purbeck stone were shipped out from here for prestige buildings in other towns and cities.



Swanage station

The branch line from Wareham to Swanage was closed in the 1970's but much of it is now a heritage railway.  Besides the steam trains some diesels are used such as this one arriving from the Park & Ride station at Norden.


Swanage beach

Swanage beach from the sea front looking towards Ballard Down.


Swanage beach

Looking the other way along the beach with the harbour, pier and Mowlem Theatre visible.



Swanage beach

A wider angle view with Peveril Point in the distance.


Swanage sea front

Looking back at the beach and Mowlem Theatre from the short pier in the middle of the sea front.


Swanage pier

A rowing club's mobile landing stage has almost been cut off by the tide.  A peaceful scene in a pleasant location.


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