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Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle was a Dark Ages castle, a new castle was built on the site around 1200.  It is steeped in legends, one of which is that King Arthur was conceived there.  It is in two parts, this view is from the "island" looking across to the mainland part of the castle.


Tintagel Castle

Even the "new" castle is largely ruins as this view of a building near the entrance to the "island" part shows.


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Castle with hotel behind

This is one of the more complete buildings, on the cliff behind you can see the hotel that was built in anticipation of a railway line to Tintagel, that never came but the hotel is still there and in business.


Looking down from the castle

Looking down from the castle, which is perched on a steep rocky promontory, to the cove below where supplies for the castle were once landed.


Tintagel castle

Looking from the entrance to one part of the castle across the gap to the other, there's some very steep steps down then up again between the two!


Tintagel Castle

Looking the same way from further up on the seaward part of the castle the gap and steepness of the climb are both more clearly visible.


Looking north east from the castle

Looking along the coast from the summit of the castle.  This is a very rocky coast with few beaches and many views.


Chapel at Tintagel Castle

At the top of the castle site there is the remains of a small chapel.



South from Tintagel

Looking the other way along the coast with Tintagel parish church visible on the cliff top.



On the top level of the castle

Much of the castle area has not yet been examined by archaeologists, who knows what these stones are the remains of.


The mainland part of the castle

A last view from the high ground looking across to the other part of the castle.



The Castle from the tea rooms

Looking up at the castle from the tea rooms by the entrance to the site, did King Arthur once live here, who knows?  But it's nice to think that he might have.


Tintagel is a village on the North Cornwall coast with a population of around 1,800.  It is a very popular tourist destination and has plenty to offer visitors.

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