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Tree in playground at Trebah

Trebah Garden is between Helford and Falmouth, beside the Helford River.  It is a very pleasant place to stroll around and has some features you don't expect in such gardens.  One of these is this child's play area built onto a living tree, part of which is dead and has been carved as a sort of totem pole.





Trebah - tree ferns

Part of the garden is planted with tree ferns as seen in this photo, pleasantly shady on a hot afternoon.


Bamboo at Trebah

The next section is planted with bamboo, first time I'm aware of seeing this growing.



Giant rhubarb at Trebah

Further down the valley is giant rhubarb, up to 12 feet tall!  Not sure if it is edible but if it is one stalk would make a fair size rhubarb crumble!


Hydrangeas at Trebah

On down again come hydrangeas, blue here whereas home in Somerset they are red due to the differing acidity of the soil.


Hydrangeas, giant rhubarb and a bridge

A view over the lake at Trebah with giant rhubarb and hydrangeas framing a bridge.



Trebah beach

The garden leads down to Trebah's private beach on the Helford River estuary, a good chance to introduce our pup to the sea.


Helford River estuary

The view from the beach over the estuary is glorious, wooded slopes right down to the shore.

Helford River estuary

Looking from the beach towards the sea.



Trebah garden

Much of the garden is secluded however there are open areas which give views such as this.


House in the garden

To one side of the garden is this thatched shelter giving a place to sit and just enjoy the view over the garden.


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