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West Highlands
Highlands, pt. 2
Clyde Coast
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ObanThis page attempts to give a flavour of the West Highlands, starting from Oban, seen in this view along the quayside, with the fake temple that was built in the 1930's to provide work on the hill in the background.



A view across the bay at Oban.



Looking from the point in the view above to the distillery and, on the hill above, the folly.



Cal Mac ferry at Oban

Oban is an important ferry port for services to the isles, this photo show the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Lord of the Isles berthed at the ferry terminal.



A last view of Oban from near the ferry terminal, the folly is in this one as well!


Seals at Oban Sea Life centreNear to Oban is the Sea Life Centre, part of which is a seal rescue centre.



Seals in Loch LinnheSeals in Loch LinnheSeals in Loch Linnhe Moving up along the coast and the side of Loch Linnhe brings more seals, which you can see by taking a boat trip from Fort William.


  Fort William nestles between Loch Linnhe and Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain at 4,406ft.  When we've visited we've camped at a site in Glen Nevis, right next to a flank of Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis from Loch Linnhe This next photo is of Ben Nevis seen from the Loch - you can't easily see the summit from anywhere else due to the shoulders of the mountain blocking the view.


Camping in Glen Nevis Waterfall in Glen Nevis Sticking with Ben Nevis, and the valley beside it, Glen Nevis, is a couple of views taken in Glen Nevis, starting with one from the camp site in the Glen of the Ben and one taken as far up the Glen as you can drive.



Glen Nevis Glen Nevis The stream that can be seen right above carries on down the glen with several places where you can see it tumbling down such as this one but beware, the infamous midges like them too !!


Nevis Range cable car Nevis Range cable car Staying up in the Nevis range, the mountain next to Ben Nevis, Aonach Mor has a cable car that takes you some 2,300 feet up the mountain.  The views from the walks that you can take from the cable car station can be awesome, provided the cloud level isn't below you !  To start with, two views from the cable car, one looking straight down, the other looking towards the Great Glen.

Aonach MorAonach Mor Two views from the walks, the first looking down to Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil, the second of the flank of Ben Nevis.



Sunset in the Nevis range Sunset on Ben Nevis I'll leave Ben Nevis with two sunset shots, one taken from a few hundred feet up Ben Nevis of an adjoining mountain the other of the flank of the Ben from Fort William.


Fort William from Camusnagaul Having got to Fort William a view across the Loch from Camusnagaul.



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