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   Weymouth has many facets, a sea side resort, a bustling town, ferry and fishing port...  The beach is marvellous, fine sand gently sloping into the sea.

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Weymouth beach seen from Nothe

Looking along the beach from the Nothe gardens.


The Nothe seen from across the harbour

The Nothe seen from the opposite side of the harbour.


The harbour seen from the beach

Looking along the beach to the harbour, two of Condor Ferries catamarans are just visible.


Panoramic view of Weymouth beach

A panoramic view of Weymouth beach seen from the harbour mouth.


Weymouth beach has wide expanse of gently sloping sand, while on and by the beach there are plenty of things to do and see, just some of which are in the photos below.

Weymouth Beach  Weymouth Beach  Weymouth Beach      Horse drawn bus near the ferry terminal Horse bus along Weymouth Quay Rodeo Ride

Sand Sculptures Sand sculptures

Sand sculpture

Three views of sand sculptures on the beach, Sculptures in Sand is the artist's site.


Weymouth Town BridgeWeymouth Harbour

The next few views are of the Harbour, which is in fact the mouth of the River Wey.  On the left you are looking up river to the Town Bridge, which opens to allow yachts to pass through to the marina, while on the right is a view towards the sea.

Weymouth Harbour

The harbour broadens considerably further towards the sea, the ferry terminal berth is on the right of this photo.


Weymouth harbour

Weymouth harbour

A couple more views as some boats make their way up the harbour.


The Pelican of London in Weymouth Harbour

The Pelican of London in Weymouth Harbour

Two views of a sail training ship, the Pelican of London, moored near the harbour mouth.  From what I can glean from her website she has just been converted and is (July07) undergoing sea trials.

Shieldhall berthing in Weymouth

Sheildhall berthing at Weymouth

Shieldhall berthing at Weymouth

Three views of the SS Shieldhall berthing at Weymouth, you can see all about her at SS Shieldhall, Steam powered General Cargo-Passenger Steamer

Boats pass in the harbour mouth

The mouth of the harbour with a Dartmouth registered fishing boat coming in while a pleasure cruise and a yacht leave.  In the background is the beach, full of holidaymakers, and the hotels along the the side of the promenade.

View from the end of the harbour

Turning round on the pier gives you this view of the coast towards Lulworth and beyond.


DUKW entering Weymouth harbour

A DUKW amphibious craft coming in past the ferry terminal, there always seems to be a vessel on the move but this was a bit different from the usual!  In the background there is a white horse carved on the hillside, partly hidden.


White horse on hillside

A better view of the white horse but you need to be higher to see the whole thing - or out at sea I suppose.


Filling station - afloat

Boats need fuel, so where there are lots of them you need a floating filling station such as this one in Weymouth Harbour.


Weymouth lifeboat

Weymouth lifeboatLike most lifeboats today Weymouth's is always in the water, moored to a pontoon ready for a quick getaway on her rescue missions.


Two lifeboats - and the World Cup

As part of a fund raising exercise the Rugby Union World Cup - which England had recently won - was being brought into Weymouth on a lifeboat with another escorting it.  They are seen about to enter Weymouth Harbour.


Coastguard helicopter

Coastguard helicopter

Coastguard helicopter

Coastguard helicopter

Four views of the Coastguard helicopter exercising off Weymouth Harbour


Condor VitesseBoat train on Weymouth QuayNext is two views of Channel Island ferries, on the left the modern fast craft Condor Vitesse and on the right the Maid of Kent, which used to run to Cherbourg is visible in this view, by John Griffiths, of a boat train making its way along the streets towards to Quay Station.

A rather smaller ferry crosses the Harbour near the Condor Ferries berth, a useful way to save a long walk round.


Old brewery

The old Devenish Brewery in Weymouth's older area is now a tourist attraction - it closed as a result of the idea that breweries owning pubs stifled competition, make sense out of that if you can.


Brewers Quay across the harbour

A view of "Brewers Quay" from across the harbour.


Weymouth and Chesil Beach seen from Portland Weymouth is joined to the Isle of Portland by a causeway which is a natural extension of Chesil Beach, which extends from near Bridport to Portland.  This is the view from Portland across Portland Harbour towards Weymouth and along Chesil Beach.

Portland, Chesil Beach and the Fleet

Portland, Chesil Beach and The Fleet seen from above Abbotsbury.


Weymouth from Portland

Weymouth seen across Portland Harbour...


Portland seen across the Habour

...and Portland seen from Weymouth.



Portland Bill

There is often a strong tide race off Portland Bill hence the choppy seas being watched here by a Black Backed Gull.


Obelisk at the tip of Portland Bill

This obelisk marks the tip of Portland Bill.


Portland Bill

Eastern side of Portland Bill.


Portland Bill

Another view of the obelisk from a bit further back.


Huts at Portland Bill

There is a remarkable number of huts near the point of the Bill.


Rocks at Portland Bill

I'm not sure if these rocks had been quarried and then left or if they are as they as they are due to erosion.


Quayside at Portland Bill

At one time this was one place from which stone was shipped from the island for use in major buildings across the country.


Portland Bill lighthouse

The lighthouse on Portland Bill.


Durdle Door

East from Weymouth is Durdle Door which erosion has created.


Lulworth Cove

Nearby Lulworth Cove is another beautiful result of erosion, both are well worth a visit.


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