On Windermere


On Windermere
The Passes


 On WindermereOn WindermereOn Windermere




Several views taken from a small hire boat off Bowness.



The Swan

The Swan arriving at Bowness Pier 2 for our cruise down the lake.



Windermere ferry

There's a car ferry across the lake just south of Bowness, it's seen here from the deck of the Swan.


Lakeside station and pier

The southern end of the lake cruises is at Lakeside where they connect with the steam trains of the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway and there is also the Aquarium of the Lakes there.  There are some views of the railway on Lakeside & Haverthwaite on my other site.


A yacht viewed from the Swan.



Not sure what this is but it was also seen from the Swan.



Bowness from the Swan

On the Swan nearly back to Bowness.  The steamers go on to Ambleside but we felt the half trip was enough for the dogs!



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