Caen Photos


Caen Photos
Caen Canal and Pegasus Bridge


In the centre of Caen, William the Conqueror's château still stands guard over the city.

This is one of the few old buildings in Caen to have survived the battle following D Day, the city has been rebuilt in an appropriate style though, and still has plenty of interest and history to see when visiting.

The old docks in Caen have become a marina, creating life and open space in the centre of the busy city.

The area where this was taken from is a useful car park for the centre of the city, except on Sunday when it is used for a market.

Far left:A view of a street in the centre of Caen. As you can see enough of the old buildings survive to give atmosphere to the city.

Caen is both an historic and a thriving modern city, with surviving old buildings incorporated into the rebuilt centre, as can be seen here with the Tour Leroy left.


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