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  Where it started - the port of Cherbourg where we arrived on the Brittany Ferries ship Barfleur.

  I still remember how nervous I was sitting in the car waiting to disembark thinking about driving on the right and using a foreign language, what a contrast to my more recent trips when it feels like coming home !! Photo by Stéphanie Dinez.

  A view of the inner harbour in Cherbourg, showing just how attractive a place it is, yet so many just come off the ferry and race on south...  Photo by Stéphanie Dinez

  The Belem moored in Cherbourg's inner harbour in August 2000.  Photo by Stéphanie Dinez

  Les Palmiers in Cherbourg.  Photo by Stéphanie Dinez

Above: The Baie Escalgrin, near Cherbourg.  Below: The fishing village of Barfleur, east of Cherbourg.  William the Conqueror sailed from here on route to Hastings.  It is a lovely little place to visit, spend some time just watching the boats and so on.  Photos by Stéphanie Dinez.

Above: The Nez de Jobourg and below Fermanville, both on the Cotentin peninsula.  Many British visitors get off the ferry and race on south, ignoring the delights of this area so close to the port.  Photos by Stéphanie Dinez.

To conclude this page, the second part of "how it started", the gîte where we stayed on our first holiday in France.  Near to Vire it was in such a peaceful location that you could think you were alone in the world yet many places from Caen and Bayeux to Mont St. Michel are in easy reach.


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