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Our original 4 dogs

To start with, our original "pack", Barbara used to breed Shetland Sheep Dogs, when we met she had Asher (left) and Kirsty (right), son and mother, in between are Gemma, who I described as British Standard Mongrel and Dapper a Foxhound Cross.  Dapper could scrounge crisps the length of the bar if I took him to the pub !!


The last survivor of this  quartet was Gemma who lived to be something of a grand old lady.


Lunchtime for Cavaliers

Before Gemma's demise we had got two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Waltzing Matilda and Lady Elizabeth otherwise known as Tilly and Lizzie.  The first picture shows them hanging on to their lunch time Bonios just in case there was something more interesting on offer.

Comfy dog

Cavalier's are adept at making themselves comfortable, Lizzie gives a demonstration in the next photo.  They are dedicated lap dogs, if you have them you have to provide a lap, at night they're quite likely to finish up curled around your head on the pillow !  Unfortunately Lizzie serious problems with her back legs and she was put to sleep in 2009.


Lizzie typing

Lizzie will let you do just about anything with her, including getting her to try typing!



Fancy dress

Both of them seem to enjoy dressing up, as long as they can sprawl around in whatever they're wearing.  Lizzie predominates in these photos simply because Tilly is so hard to photograph, unless there's a light background she simply doesn't show up.


Not guilty!

However I have caught her on camera a few times, such as this puppy photo of her.  When she looks like this at you there's two possibilities, either you've got food or she's hoping you won't notice that the bin has been knocked over.


Cavaliers go by pram

A last look at the pair of them, as I said before they'll do just about anything, including riding in a doll's pram.


Fancy dress

Ours aren't the only soppy Cavaliers, one of their half sisters was very nicely dressed for their first birthday party.


Our current pack

Our Cavaliers were joined by Star (full name Sasparrella Shooting Star), a Standard Poodle.  In this photo (May 05) he's smaller than the other two but he grew to about 25"at the shoulders.


Our current pack

Another photo of the three of them, dogs just don't understand "look at the camera"!


Star at first meeting

The first time I saw Star at his breeder's house, he soon seemed totally at home on Lorna's lap.


Star's litter mates

Some of Star's 10 litter mates, the black one certainly wasn't camera shy!



Star has grown!

By the beginning of August Star was rather bigger than the Cavaliers as this view of the three of them during Star's first picnic shows - don't know what they were looking at but it was obviously far more interesting then me and my camera.


Star on his 1st birthday

Star on his 1st birthday

Star recovering from sentry duty

Star on his first birthday, an exhausting session on "guard duty" in the living room window was followed by a siesta!





Star intriqued by the waters of Loch Lomond

Star was obviously intrigued by something in the water of Loch Lomond but he wouldn't actually swim in it!


Star giving a hug

Star is big enough that when you give him a hug he hugs you back!


Star waiting for the crumbs

His height means he can rest his head on the table but he is well enough behaved that he just looks longingly at food (or crumbs!) and waits to be given something.  He is wearing a Halti collar which stops him pulling rather than a choke collar.


Star looking at Symonds Yat

When he saw someone looking over he had to have look too - a marvellous view at Symonds Yat as it happens.



Star on a train

In this photo Star is thoroughly enjoying a ride on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway



Charlie in the doorway

In January 2011 we got Charlie through Dogs Friends.  He was meant to be a Toy Poodle (up to 11" in height) but grew well beyond this to 17" - to big to be a Miniature Poodle - and this along with bereavement meant his first owner couldn't cope.


Star and Charlie

The size difference doesn't seem to matter, Star and Charlie play together, indeed Charlie is such a dominant little dog that he often bosses Star around!


Star and Charlie in the car

Charlie making himself comfy in the back of the car - by laying across Star.



Star and Charlie

The pair of them sat on a seaside bench enjoying the attention of being photographed.



Star and Charlie in the doorway

Another photo of the pair of poodles, this time in the doorway of our motorhome - no way could I get them to look at me as Barb was inside!



Star and CharlieStar and CharlieStar and Charlie

Some photos of the two lads in the process of wrecking our lawn just a few days after Charlie joined us, when they first met Star's reaction was a "play with me" stance, they have a great time together.


Star and Charlie

The energy of youth - Star in usually the first to need a breather, Charlie just seems inexhaustable!


My last photo of Star

Star was taken ill soon after this photo of him at West Bay, on 13/09/2012 he passed away aged just 7 leaving a huge gap in our lives.



Charlie watching Crufts on TV

Charlie watches TV, when there's a dog on he gets very interested - here he is watching Crufts!



Apollo our standard poodle

After our sad and sudden loss we soon got another Standard Poodle - a pup we've called Apollo, he was 14 weeks in this photo.


Apollo and Charlie

Apollo and Charlie playing

Apollo was much the same size as Charlie as you can see in these views of them playing.


Apollo watching the world go by

Apollo is a very level headed pup, he likes to run around and play but he also spends time just sitting and drinking in whatever is happening nearby.


Apollo and Charlie at Burnham on Sea

Apollo and Charlie were keen to catch up with me on Burnham on Sea sea front.



Will we get a treat?

Now nearly 7 months here he is with Charlie waiting hopefully while we were eating in the restaurant at Hestercombe Gardens.


Charlie and a swan

Charlie and a swan eye each other at Hestercombe Gardens.


Apollo with Barb at West Bay

Apollo and Barb at West Bay

Apollo is now 9 months in these photos at West Bay




Like all our Standards Apollo likes to give you a hug!



In November 2016 we got Henry, a Standard Poodle, from St. Giles Animal Rescue



With two Standards we might need a bigger sofa! Henry and Apollo are very good at sharing though.


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