Dolphin in Dorset


Dolphin in Dorset
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  In mid April 2002 I happened to hear of a wild dolphin that was seeking human company at Chesil Beach, Portland, near Weymouth.  The weather being suitable and my youngest having the day off school I seized the opportunity and took her down there, with total success - the dolphin was there and enjoying the attention of swimmers.  It was cold, very cold, in the sea but that didn't deter deter Lorna anymore than it did the others who were in the water.

  Unfortunately the water was so cold that by the time Lorna came out I had to get her back to the car to warm her up so I didn't get to go in deeper than my knees, but, due to the steep shelving of the beach I was almost swimming with it !

Note: this dolphin is still around the south coast, ranging from Plymouth to Bournemouth but it is not now so friendly, he has nipped some swimmers so do not try swimming with him.  You can find out more about Georges, as he has been called, on Latest Marine wildlife sightings - Durlston Marine Project

  The last photo is taken from the video which you can see at Dolphin at Chesil, which is a 1.9mb Windows Media Player file.

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  You can find out more about this dolphin, who is known as Georges, at  Durlston Marine Project

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