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Exbury Gardens in the New Forest near Beaulieu cover 200 acres, they are the home of the Rothschild collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and rare trees and shrubs as well as a little steam railway.  The first set of photos are from a visit in early June 2013.

On this visit we started by going to the American Garden as we'd only seen that from the train previously, the area was a mass of colour.

Colour again, set against green trees.  In place the scent from the flowers was so strong you could almost taste it!

The Doomsday Yew - actually I think it's only about 400 years old but that's still a fair age!

Jubilee pond surrounded by trees, welcome shade on a rare hot day and lovely to just look at.

I think this - and the one below - are along Hydrangea Walk.

A clearing with a stream running through it - there are several streams and ponds in the gardens.

Bottom Pond surrounded by trees.

A monkey puzzle tree.

Above and the two below -  in Azalea Bowl.

A brief walk through woodland and then another riot of colour.

This tree, like others near it, has grown with a right angle usual.

Even a young Giant Redwood if difficult to get in shot when it's amongst other trees.

Top Pond.

More colour along the way:-

This second set of photos are from a visit on a very sunny late March day but we will be back to see the gardens in different seasons.

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Blooming Magnolia at Exbury.  Magnolia in bloom.  Magnolia tree in bloom.

Near the entrance were these Magnolias in full bloom.






Trees and lawns at Exbury.

Trees and daffodils

In the area near the house there are tree fringed lawns - with daffodils to add colour.



Rangoon Bell at Exbury

There's a bell hanging from one of the trees which came from Burma hence the name "Rangoon Bell" - it was rung to call Sir Lionel Rothschild in for meals!


Colourful shrubs

Caellias blooming at Exbury.

Camellia flowers

There were camellias in bloom all around the gardens, a feast of colour in March.



Exbury House

Exbury House - which isn't open to the public - has a view across a wide sweep on lawn.



Camellias in front of Exbury House.

The lawns are fringed with shrubs and trees including these camellias which added colour.


Camellia walk

Camellia flower

From the house we headed along Camellia Walk, these are a sample.




Japanese Bridge by Top Pond

I'm always drawn to water in gardens, this is the Japanese Bridge by the Top Pond.  There were plenty of reflections in the ponds during our visit.


Reflections in Top Pond.

Reflections in Top Pond.

Reflections in the pond.

Lots of reflections in these views.



Fish in Top Pond.

There are some quiet large fish in Top Pond, this is one of them.


Bridge at Top Pond.

The water flows out of this pond under this stone slab bridge.



Stream through the gardens.

The stream between the ponds flowing through the trees.







We're still in the Camellia Woods area of the garden.



Arromanches memorial at Exbury.

During World War II Exbury house was a "stone frigate" where training and planning for the D Day landing craft was coordinated, when the memorial to the crews at Arromanches in Normandy was replaced the original was relocated to the riverside viewpoint at Exbury.  The inscription reads:









View over the Beaulieu River at Exbury.  View over the Beaulieu River at Exbury.

Yachts on the Beaulieu River.

Three view over the Beaulieu River from Exbury's riverside viewpoint with the Isle of Wight in the distance and several moored yachts in the foreground.


Cock pheasant in Exbury Gardens.

Cock pheasant in Exbury Gardens.

As we headed back "inland" this splendid cock pheasant was on the path.



Pond at Exbury.

Bridge and pond at Exbury Gardens.

Seat by the pond.

The bottom pond in the area known as "Azalea Bowl", nice reflections and seat to look at them from.


The Cascades between the ponds at Exbury.

The Cascades at Exbury Gardens.

The stream between the ponds runs through "The Cascades", there's something relaxing about running water in a setting like this.


Trees and daffodils.

Bright green foliage and daffodils.



Daffodil Meadow and the Beaulieu River.

Daffodil Meadow and the Beaulieu River.

Two views across Daffodil Meadow to the Beaulieu River beyond.



A sea of daffodils.

Daffodil Meadow was a sea of blooms during this visit, daffs bring a promise of spring which had certainly arrived that day!


Sundial Garden at Exbury.

The sundial in Sundial Garden.  Next to this is the Tennis Court Tea Garden which we reached at just the right time for a sandwich and a cuppa.


Steam engine Naomi at Exbury Gardens Railway.

The full name of the site is Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway, here is steam engine Naomi being readied for our trip on the line.


View from train on Exbury Gardens Steam Railway.

The train ride is a good way to see this area - the only way for a visitor to see the Summer Garden.  This view gives an idea of the type of view from the train.


Model warthogs in the gardens.

This part of the garden is decorated with a number of metal "animals" such as these warthogs.



Train ride at Exbury.

More animals by the pond in this view from the little train.



Rock Garden at Exbury.

Rock Garden at Exbury.

Two shots from the train of the Rock Garden.



View of the gardens from the train.

Another part of the Gardens seen from the train.



Steam loco Naomi has just been turned.

Back to the railway station and Naomi has just been turned ready for her next trip around  the gardens.



Bog Garden at Exbury.

The Bog Garden at Exbury.



Camellia in bloom.

Camellia flower.

Last for now, a camellia in bloom.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will be returning later in the year to see the gardens in a different season.



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