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Flatford Mill in the Dedham Vale near East Bergholt in Suffolk is famed as the location of some of John Constable's paintings.  These photos are in the order of our walk around the area which now belongs to the National Trust.

Flatford Lock, River Stour

Flatford Lock seen from the footbridge over the River Stour.

River Stour at Flatford

Flatford Mill can be glimpsed through the trees in this view from the bridge.

Granary Barn, Flatford Mill

The thatched Granary Barn attached to the mill.

A closer view of the barn, which is now a museum.

Flatford Lock

Above and below The top end of Flatford Lock.

Flatford Lock

Flatford Mill

Above and below Flatford Mill seen across the River Stour.

Flatford Lock

The bottom of Flatford Lock on the River Stour.

View west from the footbridge at Flatford Mill

Back to the footbridge and this view west up Dedham Vale.

Flatford Mill from footbridge.

Another view east from the footbridge, this is such a beautiful location, there are lovely views almost everywhere you stop to look around.

Boat building dry dock at Flatford Mill

The dry dock where barges were built to carry grain to and flour from the mill, this featured in Constable's painting Boat Building Near Flatford Mill of 1817.

Hoist at Flatford Mill

The lane behind Flatford Mill with a hoist jettied out from the mill.

Vally Farm, Flatford

Across the lane is Valley Farm, this is the oldest building on the site and dates from the 15th century, like many of buildings it is used as a field studies centre.

Site of the Haywain painting.

Above and below The site of Constable's best known painting, The Haywain, with a wagon in the river soaking its wheels to stop play developing if the wood got too dry.  Also seen is Willy Lot's cottage.

Willy Lot's cottage and the Haywain scene

Pair of swans by Willy Lot's Cottage.

This pair of swans probably aren't concerned about how famous or attractive this location is!

Flatford Mill and Millers House.

The mill and the miller's cottage.

Flatford Lock seen from the teashop

Flatford Lock seen across the river from the teashop.

Footbridge over the River Stour at Flatford.

Above and below The footbridge over the river and the view through it.

Footbridge over the River Stour at Flatford.


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