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Animals form an important part of my life..

  Until recently we had 2 ponies, unfortunately they've both succumbed to age and illness recently, however their pages are still on here in remembrance of two really marvellous ponies. We all drive and the girls ride, as they are the biggest I'll start with them !

  The oldest pony was Oscar, a Welsh section A, who was at least in his late twenties but could have been in his thirties !!  Despite his age he was full of spirit, until the last few months when he started losing condition he loved going out under saddle or in harness - as long as there was another horse or pony with him.

  Click here to go to Oscar's page

  Our other pony was Shanty - full name Chantilly - a Dartmoor type pony.  she's a bit bigger, a lot stronger, and, at 23, was a good bit younger than Oscar.

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  A couple of views of the two of them :-

Both whips and ponies confer while waiting to go in to do cone driving

We did from time to time try to drive them in tandem, but as you can see they tend to get in a tangle as Shanty tries to overtake Oscar.

  We are also members of the Western Counties Heavy Horse Society, I've included a few photos of that side of horse driving on Heavy Horses.

  A last pony photo, this time of our old Welsh Section A Corney showing that he could do Fancy Dress classes too, this one was The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

Now for Our Dogs, these days we have an overgrown Toy/Miniature Poodle and two Standard Poodles but since we've been together we've had others, most recently a Standard Poodle and a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  I'd love to have a German Shepherd but I've so far been voted down on the grounds that our house is too small - even though the poodle will probably be bigger!

  Some people think that cats and dogs always fight, but our crew don't, Tigger, our biggest cat, laid down the ground rules from the word go, so next it's Our Cats.

  The rest of our animals I tend to refer to as the Littlies, an odd assortment, but all dear to us and the girls in particular.

  A final page in this section is Wildlife, harder to photograph with the equipment I have, but I've caught some on camera.

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