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The village of Ironbridge in the Severn Valley in Shropshire grew beside the bridge which was the first cast iron bridge in the world.  Once a heavily industrialised area it is now very much tourism focused with beautiful scenery and a lot of history.

A first glimpse of the Bridge as we walked along the Severn.

Ironbridge and the River Severn

The famous bridge itself spanning the River Severn.

Iron Bridge at Ironbridge

A closer view of the bridge.

The Ironbridge

A view showing the underside of the bridge.

Under the iron bridge

Another view showing detail of the structure of the bridge.

Detail of the Ironbridge

The view across the bridge.

View across the bridge

The view from the bridge looking north up the River Severn.

Looking north up the River Severn

And looking south down the Severn.

Looking south down the River Severn.

A more general view of the bridge.

The Iron Bridge

Under the bridge, you can see that some sections are held together with dovetail joints.

Detail of the north side of the bridge.


Looking up river from the end of the bridge the cooling towers of the nearby power station are visible.

River Severn and a power station.

A milestone near the bridge - how many now know that a furlong is 10 chains and that there are eight furlongs to the mile?

Milestone in Ironbridge

Just up river from  the bridge is this former industrial site including grooves in the roadway for wagons.

Old industrial buildings at Ironbridge

Looking down the River Severn to the bridge and village.

Ironbidge bridge, village and river.

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