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Sidmouth is on the East Devon part of the Jurassic Coast, it has a population of around 15,000 with a high proportion over 65.  The town has avoided modern developments retaining its character well and is a very pleasant place to visit.

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Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth

Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth

Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth When we visit Sidmouth we park in Manor Road car park and cross the road into Connaught Gardens.  The flowers are a delight and there are glimpses of the sea as you walk around.



Flowers, blue sky and a glimpse of the sea, sums up the gardens!



Sidmouth beach

From the eastern end of the gardens you have a good view along Sidmouth beach to the cliffs beyond to Beer Head, behind which Seaton shelters.


Landslide at Sidmouth

Landslide at Sidmouth

When we were there on 13 May 2012 we chanced to see a rock fall on the cliffs to the east of the town which produced a spectacular cloud of dust which looked as if it wanted to get back on dry land!


Rock fallen from the cliff at Sidmouth

Cliffs at Sidmouth

There was quite a pile of rock on the beach afterwards - which didn't seem to deter the couple in the right hand photo from lazing on the beach!


Lifeboat launch at Sidmouth

Lifeboat launch at Sidmouth

Shortly after the rock fall the Sidmouth Rescue inshore lifeboat was launched from the beach.


Sidmouth inshore lifeboat

Sidmouth inshore lifeboat

It wasn't launched due the the rock fall as it headed in the opposite direction and began searching around the base of the cliffs.


Cliffs west of Sidmouth

Another view of the cliffs to the west.


Looking west from Connaught Gardens

If you want to get to the beach without walking along a road go to the western end of the gardens to enjoy this view before making your way down either by the path or by...


Jabob's Ladder, Sidmouth

...Jacob's Ladder which leads down to the western part of the beach and via a walkway along the base of the cliff to the main beach.



Jacobs Ladder from the path

Jacob's Ladder again, this time from half way up the path which is a rather steep climb itself.





Rock pools

When the tide is out you can also go via the beach, taking time to explore the rock pools along the way.


Sidmouth beach

A view along Sidmouth beach to the cliffs beyond.



Sidmouth sea front

Sidmouth sea front

Sidmouth sea front

A series of views of the sea front from sea level.



Fishing boats at Sidmouth

Fishing boats at Sidmouth

There are a few working fishing boats at Sidmouth which are drawn up on the beach at the mouth of the River Sid at the eastern end of the promenade.


Gulls feasting on starfish

An unusual sight one March morning was these herring gulls feasting on starfish that had been washed up on the beach.



Napoli grounded off Sidmouth

The stern section of the grounded containership Napoli is visible in the distance - see Seaton and the Axe for more about her presence.  The wreck has now been completely removed with no trace remaining.


The Napoli viewed through a wheelhouse

Another view of the Napoli, this time seen through the wheelhouse windows of a fishing boat.


Fishing boats at Sidmouth

Another view of the boats, this time from the path that leads up the cliff the other side of the river.



Mouth of the River Sid

The River Sid close to where it flows into the sea which is the other side of the bridge in the background in this view.



Mouth of the Sid

A closer view of the point where the river meets the beach.



Festival fiddler

Sidmouth is home to the Sidmouth Festival of Folk Arts, Dance and Music , an annual event in early August, this statue of a fiddler in Connaught Gardens opposite the band stand commemorates the festival.




Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth

Close by is this shelter with a view across...



Band in the band stand

... to the band stand where we enjoyed listening to the band on a sunny September Sunday.


Mist over the cliffs

Strange weather on one visit, bright sun over the beach and prom, but mist over the cliffs each side.


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