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This page has photos of the places we stopped off at when passing across Sussex in less than ideal weather.  First is Selsey near Chichester.

Selsey beach

Selsey beach

A couple of views of Selsey beach.


Next we move to the historic village of Bosham.


Bosham is noted for this road being under water at high tide, it was going out when we were there but it was still partial covered.



I don't know if these houses have rear access, if not you'd need waders to go in or out when the tide was in.


Chichester Habour from Bosham

Bosham is on Chichester Harbour which is seen in this view.



Swans and ducks at Bosham

Plenty of ducks looking for food by the sailing club.



Boats in Chichester Harbour at Bosham

Like every suitable location on the South Coast there are lots of boats on and by the water here.


Bosham church tower

Looking inland from where the above was taken is the, to me, unusual church spire.


Bosham church tower

Another view of the church tower.



Forest of masts at Bosham

Looking back to the shore there was a forest of masts.



Church notice board at Bosham

The church notice board shows the village's connection with King Harold, King Canute and the Bayeux Tapestry.


A street in Bosham

One of the narrow streets in this historic village.



Harbour scene at Bosham

A mother carrying a child ashore from their dinghy which was at the low tide shore line.



Next a brief visit to Worthing.

Worthing beach

Worthing beach

Worthing beach

Three photos of Worthing beach, empty of people as it was very windy - but at least the rain had stopped.


I'm sure we'll visit Sussex again before too long - hopefully in better weather both for walking and photography!

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