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This page has photos of Orford, Aldeburgh, Southwold and Lowestoft on the coast of Suffolk.


 Boats on the shore at Orford

Orford is a pretty little village actually on the River Alde which is separated from the North Sea by Orford Ness, a long sand and shingle bank.  The river forms a natural harbour obviously popular with dinghy sailors going by the photo above which is looking north towards Aldeburgh.

Looking toward the sea at Orford.

The view looking south towards the sea.

Looking south from Orford.

Another view looking south showing the flatness of the land along this part of the coast.


Looking inland towards the village with the church tower glimpsed above the trees.

Orford  Aldeburgh  Southwold  Lowestoft


Lookout tower at Aldeburgh beach.

Above and below The South Lookout Tower at Aldeburgh beach, one of a pair, which were once owned by rival pilotage groups that provided shipping information via telegraph to Lloyds of London and the Admiralty

Lookout tower at Aldeburgh beach.

Moot Hall by the prom at Aldeburgh.

A 17th. century building, Aldeburgh Moot Hall, by the "prom" on Aldeburgh sea front.

Old buildings at Aldeburgh

The model yacht pool next to the prom and several old buildings along the street.

Sundial on old building at Aldeburgh.

The Latin motto on the sundial on the Moot Hall seen above translates as "I don't count the hours unless they're tranquil".

A more modern motto on a beachside fishmongers stall!

Lifeboat station at Aldeburgh.

The lifeboat station, the Mersey Class lifeboat is launched across the beach.  just by it you can make out the North Lookout Tower.

Eating fish and chips by the beach.

Aldeburgh's fish and chip shops have a high reputation and they certainly looked popular when I was there.  Note though how the people enjoying their meals are being closely watched by the gulls who are poised ready for any scraps!

Aldeburgh Old Mill

At the south end of the seafront is Aldeburgh Old Mill which once ground flour for the town.

Orford  Aldeburgh  Southwold  Lowestoft


Southwold Pier

Southwold has that essential for a traditional British seaside resort - a pier!

North Parade, Southwold

The view along the green beside North Parade to the pier and the coast north of Southwold.

Southwold pier and beach

Another view of the pier and green.

Southwold lighthouse

Southwold lighthouse is slightly inland amongst the houses, an unusual sight!

Path down to Southwold beach

There are paths down the cliff to the beach - which has that great tradition, beach huts.

Orford  Aldeburgh  Southwold  Lowestoft


South Beach, Lowestoft

Two views of the South Beach at Lowestoft.

Soth Beach, Lowestoft.

Orford  Aldeburgh  Southwold  Lowestoft

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