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     Shanty was a driving pony when we got her,  my oldest also rode her (boyfriends now take precedence) but she's always been my pony.  She has a love of speed, happiest at a trot, with the odd canter when she can.  The Driving Club Fun Days, being on grass, provide a great opportunity for her to really get going.

  Three views of her in action at a Fun Day.  Unlike Oscar she's got a very good mouth, the merest twitch on the reins producing results - other than slowing her down !!  They do say "You ask a mare, tell a gelding and discuss the matter with a stallion!" and Shanty bears out the mare part of that.  She is very forward going, whereas Oscar has to be pushed on a bit, the two are so different that I find Oscar very hard to drive whereas Shanty suits me fine.  In the bottom of the three I'm driving two handed, in cone driving there isn't time to be a purist !

  Shanty doesn't walk even around the field, she'd always rather trot.  She also refuses to be caught in the field but, being a driving pony, she responds to the voice, so she usually obeys shouts along the lines of "In your stable!!"


  Not a very ladylike view of her !!  Once in the stable she's very relaxed - as long as you don't wave a carrier bag about.




  The view I usually have of Shanty - or more precisely my grooms view.  We were out on a Driving Club rally at Brent Knoll, she was left behind a bit by the larger horses in front but soon caught up.

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