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Dolphin in Dorset
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Hello!  This part of the site is my personal and animal pages.

   I'm Steve, 58, married to Barbara.  We live in Bridgwater, Somerset in south west England.  I'm an accountant but also run a web shop. Barbara works as a Support Worker for autistics in Burnham on Sea.  Our oldest daughter also works with autistics but in a different unit to Barb, our youngest has just graduated from Uni and works in a laboratory.

  Animals form an important part of our lives, we have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - we had her litter sister but she passed on 2 years ago - a Standard Poodle, an overgrown Toy Poodle (he's too big to be a miniature!) a budgie, and three goldfish at home, we have had others who also have their places on these pages.  We also enjoy seeing Wildlife whenever we get the chance.

  I have many interests, many which you can read about on various sections of this site and my other site Trains, ferries, buses...., you can also find relevant photos within those sections.  I've also included a page that briefly covers them, Interests.
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