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The Eden Project in Cornwall describes itself as a "rich, global garden where people can learn about nature and get inspiration about the world around them".  In essence you can experience the plants and climate of Rainforest and Savannah, the Mediterranean, Asia and the Americas.

Much of it is in the iconic biomes, I've simply grouped the inside photos by climate type - Rainforest and Mediterranean.  To start with though some outside ones:

Biomes at the Eden Project

Biomes at the Eden Project

The view as you walk down towards the entrance.  The whole site is hidden in a former china clay pit.


Giant bee

This giant bee marks the importance of bees and other insects in pollinating plants including those we rely on for food - without them we'd be doomed as a species.


Plants at the Eden Project

There are many plants growing outside in Cornwall's favoured climate, these are just some that caught my eye.


WEEE man at Eden Project

The Eden Project is very environmentally aware, this figure is the WEEE man, illustrating the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment we each through away, quite a sobering thought looking at it.



Biomes at the Eden Project

Biomes at the Eden Project

Two more views of the biomes from the other end of the site.  The wooden building is The Core which exhibits some really interesting science.


Gardens at the Eden Project

A last outside view for now, the white structure is a café.


Now for inside the biomes, first the Mediterranean one, there's a fascinating variety, palms, grapes, tobacco, tea and much more :-












Now the Rainforest biome, hot and humid - you won't want your coat on in here! :-









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