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Pendennis Castle from St Mawes Castle

Pendennis Castle at Falmouth seen across the river from St. Mawes Castle.


Falmouth from St Mawes

Falmouth Harbour also seen from St Mawes Castle


St Mawes Castle

The bridge over the moat leading to the keep at St. Mawes Castle



View from the keep, St Mawes Castle

A view from the keep over some cannons ranged along the shore below.



St Mawes from the castle

St Mawes village seen from the castle.


Cannons at St Mawes Castle

Another view of the cannons in front of the keep.


The keep viewed from below

The keep at St Mawes which was built at the same time as Pendennis Castle across the river by King Henry VIII


St Mawes Castle from the approach road

When seen from the approach road you can see that the keep wasn't very defensible from the land, it was intended to defend the entrance to the harbour from invasion by France or Spain.


St Mawes and Pendennis Castles from St Mawes village

Looking back at both St Mawes and Pendennis Castles from the road into the village.


Pendennis Castle from St Mawes

Further into the village St Mawes Castle is hidden from view, Pendennis is still visible.



Shipping off Falmouth

Looking out to sea there are ships waiting to come into the dry dock in Falmouth or just for orders for their next cargo.


Roseland peninsula

A view across the Percuil River towards St. Anthony.  The area between the River Fal and the sea in known as the Roseland Peninsula.


Clear water at St Mawes

This one is included to show just how clear the sea is around here.



St Mawes village

St Mawes village

Two photos looking towards the centre of the village and the harbour.


St Mawes village

A closer view of the village curving around the shore line.


Old petrol pump in St. Mawes

This old petrol pump is in the village by the harbour.  At 2s 3d (11.5p!) a gallon it's hardly surprising they've sold out!  Also of note is the AA sign with its very accurate distance to London 263 1/4 miles!




St Mawes harbour

The heart of the village is around its harbour as seen here.



St Mawes harbour

Swans in St. Mawes harbour, clear water again, the seaweed had been purposefully pushed into the corner by boat's prop wash for later removal.



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